To the Men and Women Who Make Our Business Run

A Note from Our Top Dog

Mark and Walter

Leading teams becomes a lot more joyful, and the teams more effective,
when you know and care about the people.

– The Trillion Dollar Coach

Is a company anything without its employees?

I purchased All American Heating almost two years ago after a 25+ year career in corporate organizations that I either founded, was sold to, or employed by. I was fortunate to work on some amazing teams led by some fabulous leaders and I learned a few things about the importance of EVERY employee.

At All American Heating, our employees enable our business to serve our clients with honesty, quality work, and an unrelenting pursuit of customer satisfaction. We have grown from 5 employees to 20 employees in the span of 18 months. Each and every employee from the dispatchers, technicians, plumbers, and helpers on up is a critical piece of our puzzle.

With great pride, I have had the pleasure of watching the personal growth of so many of our team. The highlight of my year was watching one of you dance a jig when you found out you were getting a van. I am 100% dedicated to your growth in your career and will continue to provide you with good pay, great benefits, and a commitment to ensuring you have a good work-life balance.

2020 and 2021 have certainly been challenging for all of us, but we have persevered with grit and dedication to being our best to our clients during a difficult pandemic. I tell people about our team and how their great attitudes give me the energy and push to reinvest right back into the employees.

Thank you all for everything you do.


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