Stop Devastating Freeze-Flood Damage In Your Home Before It Happens

What Is Freeze-Flooding?

Freeze-flooding, also known as freeze-thaw flooding or ice damming, is a type of water damage that can occur in homes during the common freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw weather cycles that happen in Spring in Colorado. When the water in your home’s pipes freezes, it expands and can cause the pipes to burst. When the pipes thaw, the water rushes right out and can cause extensive damage to your home. If you’re away for a long time, the damage can be catastrophic. What can you do?

Relax. We’ve Got This

Instead of worrying about freeze-flood when you’re away from your home, let us help you prevent it. All American Heating offers a two-part program specifically designed to prevent freeze-flooding and the devastating damage it can cause in your home.

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Right now, get both an Ecobee Wifi Thermostat* and a Moen Flo** for $2495.

It starts with an Ecobee Smart Thermostat. Ecobee Thermostats let you change the temperature in your home from anywhere with your smartphone or device. Plus, it will also send you alerts when there is a sudden change in your home, like a drop in temperature, so you can make adjustments as needed – preventing freeze-flooding.

For a truly fail-safe plan, go one step further and let All American Heating install a Moen® Flo Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff System. Moen’s state-of-the-art device monitors the water temperature and pressure in your home, tracking your usage and using technology to recognize what is normal. This allows the Flo to track even the smallest leaks in your home – and shut off the water before extensive damage occurs. We can install one or both of these devices to prevent catastrophic freeze-flood damage in your home.

These images show just some of the kinds of damage that freeze-flooding can cause in your home. To prevent this damage and more, it is important to take measures to keep pipes from freezing, such as insulating pipes, keeping indoor temperatures above freezing, and letting faucets drip during periods when temperatures drop below freezing.

You can also take advantage of this special deal. Call (844) 336-4822 or click to book your installation today!