Complete 18-Point Mechanical Systems Inspection

Your House Needs Love, Too

Buying a new home? Remember – your pre-sale real estate home inspection does NOT include checking your mechanical systems!

If you’re not moving, but it’s been a long time since you’ve given any thought to your mechanical systems…it might be (past) time.

Whether your home has a forced-air furnace, a hydronic boiler system, a heat pump, central air conditioning, a swamp cooler, a mini-split, and/or a gas or electric water heater, our technicians are At Your Service! They’re trained to know how things should look with all your systems, can identify when something needs attention, and know exactly what is required to keep all your home’s systems up and running effectively and efficiently. Your family’s comfort and safety are our top priorities, and we want to help you focus on making memories, not fixing problems.

If anything needs work, we’ve got your back with Honest, Fair, and Dependable service. We’ll show you exactly what’s wrong, how we’ll fix it, and offer a fair price for repairs or a new system. So, call (844) 336-4822 today, enjoy peace of mind, and spend your time with your family and friends!

Our Complete, 18-Point Mechanical Systems Inspection Includes

  • Cleaning or changing filters as needed.
  • Lubricating and inspecting bearings for wear.
  • Flushing and treating condensate drain with anti-algae product.
  • Inspecting condenser coil.
  • Monitoring operating pressures of refrigerant.
  • Inspecting safety devices for proper operation.
  • Inspecting disconnect box for proper rating and installation.
  • Monitoring volts and amps on the fan motor.
  • Tightening all electrical connections.
  • Testing and inspecting contractors for burns and/or pits.
  • Checking electrical components for exposed wiring.
  • Testing and inspecting capacitors.
  • Inspecting fan blades.
  • Inspecting service valves for proper operation.
  • Measuring the temperature difference between supply and return.
  • Inspecting ductwork for energy loss.
  • Monitoring compressor for proper amp draw, volt draw, and wiring connections.

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